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      Tory Burch sandals are a great option for warm-weather footwear, and wedges and heel sandals add sophisticated elements to outfits year-round. Start with Tory Burch thong sandals for gorgeous looks and comfortable, convenient wear. Slip a pair into your bag for a quick update as you move from the office to evening drinks with friends. Tory Burch flat sandals are a great option for outings that involve long walks, and high-heeled sandals give you the extra leg length to make a favorite skirt or flowing dress really pop. Heeled sandals are available in wedges or mules, or you can choose strappy models for added sophistication and stability.

      Tory Burch leather sandals let you integrate elegant but organic styles into your wardrobe. Choose black or brown options for footwear that mixes and matches easily with almost any outfit, or opt for a bit of color for days when you really feel like kicking up your heels.

      Tory Burch is not short on unique options for comfortable designer shoes for women, and comfort doesn't have to mean boring. Look for blossom blocks, cascading flower appliqués and embellishments of refined gems, all which give Tory Burch footwear added depth. Simpler options for relaxation or summer fun or to fit a discreet look are also available in our Tory Burch sandals collection.

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