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      Kitchen Knives, Cutlery Sets,  Chef's Knife, Steak Knives, Knif Sets

      Great gourmet cooking begins with a cutting edge set of kitchen knives. To quickly stock your kitchen with the basics, opt for a cutlery set which builds a well rounded collection of knives in one fell swoop. Presented in a counter-ready butcher block, an array of knives—from paring to serrated—are all within arms reach for easy access when cooking. A chef's knife is a multi-purpose kitchen workhorse, doing everything from slicing and dicing to smashing garlic. For baguettes or bagels, a bread knife’s long, serrated blade cuts through hard crusts without crushing your favorite loaf. To expertly peel and chop fruits, vegetables and even herbs, use a small paring knife. Available both serrated and straight edge, its abbreviated blade allows you to chop with precision. Cooking chicken or turkey? A pair of kitchen shears—featured in many block sets—makes trimming fat a breeze. When sirloins and filets are on the menu, set your table with fine steak knives to cut with ease. Finally, to maintain your knives’ edges for years to come, make sure your kitchen is equipped with a sharpening steel (also called a honing steel) or an electric sharpener. Use it every six months to a year and your kitchen knives will be sharp as new.

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