Adorn yourself from head to toe with Kendra Scott jewelry creations. Elaborate multi-stone chandelier earrings exude elegance with formal wear as they gracefully dangle below your chin. Choose ear cuffs or climbers for a flash of sparkle with a casual dress or jeans when you’re shopping downtown. Stud earrings are available in shining shades of metal or with intricate filigree designs for romantic date nights. Oval drop earrings in a wide variety of colors can match or highlight an office outfit, while front-and-back earrings pair well with an updo and draw attention to a classic profile.

Gold necklaces add a polished, put-together effect to any style choice. A Kendra Scott necklace featuring a romantic filigree pendant or a single stone accents an evening gown, while a plunging neckline demands a lariat or Y necklace. Add a collar necklace or choker to a scoop neckline as a breathtaking statement piece at a business function. Adjustable chain or cuff Kendra Scott bracelets help you tie your outfit together with matching stones or materials.

Kendra Scott rings let you adorn your fingers and show off a new manicure with the designer’s signature nail polish at the same time. Stacking rings of plain metal or with stone accents can be worn together or spread across multiple fingers, and eye-catching cocktail rings feature colorful jewels and varied finishes. Mix or match Kendra Scott jewelry for any occasion for an on-trend look that’s sure to get you noticed.

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