M·A·C makeup brushes let you apply powder, eyeshadow and eyeliner with precision. The right makeup tool can help you refine your overall look so it’s flawless. This brand’s applicators and brushes assist you with enhancing your natural beauty. Apply powders with rounded brushes in fan or dome shapes made of synthetic fibers. They sweep makeup evenly and gently onto your face to achieve the coverage you want. Angled and curved brushes help you highlight the contours of your face so your skin looks revitalized. Use M·A·C makeup brushes with liquid formulas as well, including BB cream. A blender brush lets you combine face powders, bronzers and highlighters flawlessly to finish your look. Use blush brushes to add a splash of color in rosy-pink for a healthy glow. Create sultry eyes with eyeliner brushes, ideal for gel or liquid liners. They help you make thin or thick lines that are smooth and contour your eye’s natural shape. Eyeshadow goes on evenly with shader brushes in various sizes. Blend colors easily with paddle-shaped fluff and blending brushes. Finish your look with a waterproof mascara. M·A·C pencil sharpeners help you maintain your current eyeliner collection so they’re consistently sharp. Remember to keep beauty essentials close at hand in a M·A·C cosmetic bag. Whether you’re looking to replace a few brushes in your current arsenal of makeup tools, or you’re starting anew, our selection of M·A·C makeup brushes and tools lets you enhance your makeup routine and apply your favorite products easily and precisely.

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