Complete your flawless makeup with lip color from our collection of M·A·C lipstick. Whether you prefer the dramatic color of traditional lipstick or a more subtle, shiny appearance from lip gloss, this brand’s assortment of lip products gives you moisturized, rich color. M·A·C lipstick makes your lips look textured and smooth. Choose vibrant shades with luminescent, shimmery properties for extra shine. Matte finishes in a wide range of pinks, reds and flesh tones look feminine and pretty, or you can show off your edgy attitude by diving into unexpected shades of greens, purples and blues. Lip products rich in mineral ingredients offer long-lasting color, while liquid lip formulas give you a saturated splash of color that looks natural. Use M·A·C lip liners in a matching shade to precisely define the area around your lips to feel confident and polished. M·A·C lip gloss in traditional tubes or luxe pots provide ultra-moisturizing properties with a hint of color for a look that’s less dramatic than traditional lipstick. Choose from a wide variety of hues, which include skin-conditioning extracts and oils from plants that leave your lips feeling supple and soft with a high-gloss sheen. Those with pearlescent properties provide extra shine and make your mouth feel naturally plump and healthy. For more gloss options, shop for a lip gloss set. Whether you prefer dramatic, rich matte color or glossy stains with a hint of pink or red, our collection of M·A·C lipsticks and glosses let you enhance the natural beauty of your lips, leaving them feeling soft, smooth and splashed with luxurious color.

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