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      Surround your senses with AERIN fragrances, and enjoy mornings filled with the sweet aroma of flowers straight from the garden. Body wash and moisturizing AERIN body cream add layers of fragrance while smoothing skin and providing needed hydration. Spritz on AERIN eau de parfum as a finishing touch and know that wherever you spend your day, you’re leaving behind a subtle hint of warm, sunlit meadows and flowers. Explore exotic scents with AERIN fragrance collections that infuse spicy vanilla and lingering sandalwood to create a lasting impression that is pure seduction. AERIN’s long-wearing scents envelop you and let passersby know you’re a woman of mystery and enchantment. Fill your home with these enticing scents using aroma diffusers, and store AERIN bath and hand soaps in inviting displays for guests. AERIN’s perfume pays homage to a favorite flower with their rose collection. Splash on eau de cologne to experience the lush scent of newly opened rose petals. AERIN’s selection of rose fragrances creates and defines moods; choose a relaxing balm or let a crisp fresh scent invigorate you. Keep AERIN’s convenient rollerball vial in your clutch for daily touch-ups of these subtle but evocative aromas. AERIN’s scented overnight moisturizer lets you wake up to dewy, supple skin while slumbering peacefully surrounded by the scent of roses. Fill your vanity with AERIN fragrances, and let these rich, haunting aromas instantly transport you to a faraway land.

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