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      Clinique 3-step skin care is customized for all skin types and gives you clear, healthy-looking skin when you use its luxurious components. You can choose from several kits designed for specific skin types or shop for cleansers, lightweight lotions and luxe creams individually. Begin with facial soap in bar or liquid form that clarifies the surface of your face, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable and preparing it for the moisturizers that follow. Clinique soaps are gentle enough for all skin types, including sensitive skin. For a deeper clean, shop for an electronic cleansing brush, ideal for using with foam cleansers that help lift dirt away from your skin as it massages the surface. When you follow up your facial cleanser with Clinique clarifying lotion, the delicate exfoliants help to slough away dry skin cells and reveal smoother-looking skin. Choose the one most suitable for your skin type, whether it’s dry, combination, oily or acne-prone. Lock in your skin’s moisture barrier and help increase its strength when you apply ultrarich moisturizers in gel, lotion or cream form. They put the finishing touch on your newly cleansed face, delivering intense hydration where you need it most. For extra-glowing skin, select products from our wider selection of skin brightening creams. Clinique 3-step skin care products are formulated to be gentle and nondrying on your skin, so your face feels comfortable and soft. Your face is left with a beautiful, healthy glow that lets you can confidently tackle the challenges of your day.

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