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      Kiehl’s skin care products have been the secret beauty weapon for in-the-know New Yorkers for decades, with a full line of products made to indulge every skin type. You can embark on your own Kiehl’s skin care regimen by choosing a gentle cleanser made to suit your own skin’s needs and following it with one of Kiehl’s deep-moisturizing products. Each item feels special enough to be a treat, but excellent results ensure they become an everyday staple. Tuck your favorite skin product into your bag along with a tinted moisturizer and one of Kiehl’s lush lip products, and you’re set for whatever the day brings. For those with special skin care needs, Kiehl’s has you covered—in fact, the company has been an innovator in formulating products for sensitive skin. If you require acne treatment for adults, try one of Kiehl’s medicated products to purify your skin. Hand creams in delicate scents like lavender, coriander and grapefruit lift your mood while keeping your hands supple. Invigorate your entire body with exfoliating products that clean your pores and bring out your skin’s natural radiance. Don’t forget your friends and loved ones on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. Introduce them to the sumptuousness of Kiehl’s skin care with a gift set or an assortment of hand-selected face and body products so they, too, can have lovely, glowing skin.

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