With the right designer lipstick, you can always have a secret weapon in your bag. Gorgeous colors from Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Tom Ford make it simple to elevate every look. Whether you prefer an iconic statement color like siren red or a princess-worthy pink, you can transform your entire outfit in seconds.

When you need a high dose of glamour, kick up your style with a richly pigmented lipstick in a glamorous shade like deep crimson or bombshell violet. Nutrient-rich formulas from Giorgio Armani and M·A·C leave lips plump and soft, with vibrant colors that make an impact. To intensify the drama, top it off with a creamy gloss. Enjoy maximum shine and maximum attention when you’re out to dinner with friends. If the occasion calls for an understated look, begin with a luxury lip balm and prepare a fresh palette for a soft, earthy sheen. Then complement it with a moisture-rich lipstick in a pearly pink or iridescent plum. Try a soft coral or blushing rose from Chantecaille or Guerlain.

If you’re traveling, enjoy on-trend glamour at the airport gate. Tuck luxe lip palettes from Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier into your carry-on. Apply a color inspired by petal pinks or peach blossoms, and you can master a posh pout even at high altitudes, arriving at your destination in style. Designer lipstick makes it easy to always look refreshed and glamorous, no matter where you’re headed.

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